Thursday, 6 February 2014

So many stupid people, so little time.

Phew! Scouting around the usual deadbeat kiwi traps, you see so much misinformation, posts by unbelievably stupid people and the usual plain ignorant.

Us kiwis post 2001 just want a hands up to be respected and given the right to naturalisation after x period of time not a handout. The Politicians on both sides of the political spectrum on both sides of the tasman have forgotten the #ANZACValues

:Ah yes, drag up the old Anzac spirit if it suits your needs. I'll bet this poster has never seen an Anzac dawn service. You do have the right to PR, you just don't want to apply as you'd be rejected.

how is fair to kiwi's in oz?? we pay medicare, taxes etc yet stil its harder for us to become australian citizens why pick us out from the hundreds of other peoples who make aussie home??

Oh god,...taxes again. I'm starting to think we should just call it a stupid kiwi tax. You can apply, as repeated a thousand time. You just won't as you know you will be rejected.

Human Rights are for every country bar New Zealand.....just see what these other countries get on Arrival here..housing,jobs and benefits...migrant centres..the list goes on..even provided with clothing..

Really? Where did  you find this piece of crap? Jobs? Housing? Migrant affairs have been around for years. It's not a branch of centrelink. So what you saying is you want a lot for doing nothing. Priceless!

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