Monday, 27 January 2014

Stupid posts by stupid people.

You know what I think our nz accent is closer to British accent.... That's why Australians tease us, pure English as the royal would say lol

Oh really? You obviously haven't yourself or live in some delusion. You don't sound like any other English speaking people. Accents are broadly different. You sound far from "royal" LOL

Is so strange in my eyes theres so many immigrants here that get citizenship how's that and us kiwis are left to the curb.It's there 100 grand they pay to get in with how unfair.

They applied for permanent residency/citizenship and passed. You can apply, you just prefer not to and whine.

Any kiwi who decides to make Australia home knows they are going to have to work to survive, surely that counts in our favour. We've been here 4 months, children with their families arrived last week. Sadly, had to tell them now to go around telling everyone we are from new zealand 'just in case' because there are those who will discriminate against them because of it.

Oh god. Bring on the whole extended family. Little work prospects, mouths to feed and no money for the clapped out Tarago. She should have told them not to come. It's fair to warn those around you that you are kiwis, prepares the neighbours for the frequent "loaning" stuff.

Wrong that kiwis denied same rights as other non aussie immigrants.

This is the same blurb over and over... Are kiwis REALLY that stupid. Seriously? You can apply like any other foreigner.

And we are ineliigable to be permanent residents, therefore ineliigable for citizenship

This would make your head explode...

Worse reporting at it's best....

New Zealanders aren't know known for much apart from sheep jokes and an unlimited amount of people perfect for roles of peasants and hobbits. They can knotch up poor, misinforming news as well.

Let's examine it:

  • Kiwi rights for citizenship and "all it's rights remain a dream" (welfare handouts in other words).
  • Pointing some total stranger in the street and remarking "How sad he is". Did you speak to him? He just looks like some guy walking along. Most likely hoping to avoid some stupid kiwi reporter.
  • That sick child's parents complain of paying $160 for oxygen. Here's a fact for you. If a citizen or permanent resident not receiving a centrelink benefit has to pay as well. Nothing here is being discriminant toward new zealanders. They also fail to point out that they are covered by Medicare for all treatment like any other citizen. (but that wouldn't be so sensational would it).
  • Kiwis pay taxes but see no benefit from it. See previous post regarding taxes, it's getting a tired subject.
  • "Kayla" doesn't sound Aussie to me. Most students I've known have to work jobs as well as go to uni. Did her parents think of their childs life due to their ignorant actions of going to another country?
  • Something doesn't add up with her story. She was only in new zealand for her first 5 years, then states "what she's built up in the last 8 years". She hardly 13 years old and has kids. To apply for midwifery study, she'd already would have to be a Registered Nurse. Where did she train for that? Her "story" doesn't add up.
  • Kiwis cannot work for the ADF. The "other" nationalities that they complain about that can work have applied and gained permanent residency. The main fact that is always omitted in these farcical stories. Kiwis have to apply like anyone else. Thre is a "pathway" to citizenship, they prefer to ignore it knowing most would be rejected.
  • The dumb blonde presenter sums up the biggest pice of rubbish toward the end. "It's all about facts".

Had to add a post that I thought was gold..

Amy Hill Great story TV One!!! I think, one of the best I have seen that portrays the situation right on the button. No elaborate fabrications - dont see a lot of factual unsensationalised reporting these days do we. And again, great work Oz Kiwi in doing such an awesome job.

This should have been the lead post for "Stupid post from stupid people"

Friday, 24 January 2014

Meanwhile in deluded land....A bridge too far...

Next pathetic attempt is "Mateship".

I'm not too sure what they're talking about.... as in the "Anzac" tradition?

If all fails..."but aren't we friends?" Drag up the souls of long deceased soldiers for their own twisted means...

What an insult to their memory.

We all know the typical serial pest at some time of our lives. Every neighbourhood has one that moves in . First it's a cup of sugar, then milk, then cigs,  then Bro, you gotta few bucks?

Kiwis are not my mates, nor the mates of anyone I know. Saying your a mate isn't an excuse to JUST GET WHAT YOU WANT. It's called USING people.

Most logical post to this observed: Na mate, ur dreamin

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Give Kiwis easier dole but limit migration, says federal MP Kelvin Thomson

A FEDERAL MP has called for New Zealand migrants to be given easier access to the dole and other benefits, but with a catch.
Maverick Victorian Labor MP Kelvin Thomson said there would have to be an annual limit on Kiwi migration, otherwise Australia would face a huge influx of jobless people from across the Tasman.
NZ citizens now have unlimited access to live in Australia but those coming now must wait at least 10 years before getting the dole and sickness benefits under a rule introduced in 2001.
More than 600,000 Kiwis, or about 10 per cent of the NZ population, live permanently here, with some 300,000 barred from accessing welfare.
Recent reports said that many were jobless and struggling to make ends meet, with calls for all NZ citizens to be given more rights since they are settled here.
Mr Thomson said that Kiwis should be given permanent residence and welfare entitlements, but only if the trans-Tasman migration agreement was changed to cap annual numbers at between 30,000 to 40,000 people.
Mr Thomson said that his solution was fair because NZ citizens would have more security here and Australia would regain control of its migration program.
Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell agreed with changing the welfare entitlements but said the Federal Government should force would-be NZ migrants to apply for permanent residence like others.
"It's a one-way flow, there is only a tiny minority of Australians in NZ, the justification for this policy has long since evaporated" he said.
Dr Birrell said the problem was that Australia had no control over the type of people arriving from NZ, such as those with poor skills who would struggle to find work.

At least this politician recognizes the kiwi problem. He's worked out the main motivation of kiwis seeking permanent residency...Benefits and taxpayer handouts.
Whilst a cap on immigration from across the Tasman is a good start, they really need to reign in the open access to an application process. (Tourist visa or apply for residency FROM new zealand before leaving. 

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All "high'n mighty"..

 It is not right to condem or kick some one down when they fall on hardship. So to my fellow kiwi's in NZ who make negative comments, keep them to yourselves we don't need your high'n mighty opinions. We have made Oz our home and eventually NZers will win

You chose to make your nest in another persons tree. Cuckoos do the same. No matter how loud you bang on about your ignorant, uneducated choices in life, you pay the price.
The problem with these individuals is that residing here always boils down to the fact of "benefits" when enduring hardship. AKA: Government handouts. You chose to come with no plan for what to do during hard times. One way airfares to Auckland are not expensive. (Actually, some charities have provided the airfare back to nz for these people. Money that could be spent on poor Australian families.)

Hijacking a national day..

If no ones listening to you, hijack an event.

While thousands of new citizens make their pledge to Australia after successfully gaining Australian residency, the unqualified will have a mock "citizenship ceremony".
This kind of sympathetic magic is the reserve of the spoilt brat exhibited in poor taste. "If I can't have it, I'll make my own". Maybe someone will take notice of me. Infestation of another country does not qualify you what you want. 
You can't show up at a movie screening without a ticket.

"Yep, it's scary but we need to let the whole of Australia know that we are serious about campaigning for a fairer pathway to Australian Citizenship."

You do have  a "fair" pathway to Australian citizenship. You just don't meet the criteria and choose to ignore that. "Campaigning" to get an unfair edge over other foreigners is not fair to them. Kiwis are the ones who WANT discrimination against other foreigners.

What don't these people understand is that you are not being discriminated against? You just don't meet the desirable qualification.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

The proverbial fool...

When we made the move over in 07 we knew that there would be no back up if anything happened and we accepted that, what we didn't know is that our children would be penalised if they wanted to go onto uni or do a trade, if you don't have the fees up front they don't go, we were lucky that we could pull together the money over the last four years, as I work in education what breaks my heart is young kiwis studying really hard and finding out they can't go as their families can't afford it. It's not fair, we did make the choice to come here and we work hard to make a better life for our family, including expanding our family with Australian daughters and yet we are still are treated like second class citizens, no not citizens they can vote and be included not us.

Funny that. This is what ill planned, ignorant parents do. No, it isn't fair as she said. Not fair at all for her kids that can't get tertiary education due to their stuff ups. Free education for you in nz. Is your primary purpose to "mix with Australian daughters" to gain some access to benefits?

Friday, 17 January 2014

In the beginning, there were demanding new zealanders...

Prior to 2001 in Australia, new zealanders could access just about anything in Australia. Our government at the time could see the writing on the wall so had the foresight to limit these individuals. They introduced a special visa to these foreign nationals, allowing an enviable amount of access to living and working permanently however prudently limiting access to welfare. This removed also a discrimination to other foreigners wanting to reside here. They must apply for a permanent residency visa in line with regular immigration procedure as ANY OTHER FOREIGNER has to go through. Further they can apply for citizenship.

This announcement by both the Australian and nz governments were widely broadcast in the media. There was a large rush to get to Australia before the "cut off" date. Followed by the usual constant plane loads of regular kiwi arrivals seemingly ignorant of any change. Immigration, Social Security laws are (as usual) redefined as time fits. Governments have to watch their spending on who receives it.

In the last few years, these kiwis that stumbled into Australia without much thought of their future in another country where they are not citizens or have permanent residency have started ranting how hard done by they are.

Particularly loud is a group called Oz Kiwi. Loudly they protest how hundreds of thousands of their countrymen are being duped out of government services. What these characters don't understand is they are essentially foreigners demanding a country they have entered into and demanding that it bend to their whim. They want a "fair go"..  I wonder what the USA would say if Mexicans demanded the same. Go jump the border?

Then there's the last clutching of straws.... The Anzac spirit. Pretty low to invoke the dead soldiers who fought for either country. I believe it was some kiwi commentator that denigrated the hard work of Australian soldiers of wars past..

Websites are littered with sob stories of:

  • I came in (usually a post 2001 date) and my hubby lost his job and can't get help....
  • I came in (post 2001 date) and my kid who lived more than half his life here has XX medical problems and can't get (whatever benefit is demanded).
  • I can't get citizenship because there is no pathway.
  • My kid cannot go to university because we cannot get student loans.
  • Permanent residency is too hard and expensive to get.
There are some easy answers to these problems.

There is a pathway to permanent residency. The same as any other foreigner has to go through. The problem is, most kiwis don't fulfil the criteria. Lack of skill or age. Tough luck, any other person from another country gets knocked back.
No kid should suffer the consequences of their parents ill thought lack of plans. Medicare is provided to them. It may surprise that the citizen has to pay for things as well. Diabetic strips, medication, ancillary equipment related to medical conditions. Carer benefit is is not available to kiwis. Has not for since 2001.
There are some limited income protection if you are injured but rarely there is income if you "just lost your job". Food for thought.

The  there's just the ignorant rant. I'm a kiwi, we're cuz's...have some sympathy. I didn't know I couldn't get xxx.... Ignorance is no excuse of immigration and social security laws.

Interesting but ignorant observed posts...

Some samples of obviously ignorant posts seen around facebook and other sites. Names have been removed to save posters stupidity.
  • can Kiwis here apply for the NZ dole and get it here? When older Kiwis who have taken out citizenship apply for a pension here, the Australian govt forces us to apply for the NZ pension as well, so as a result we get both. Using the same scenario cannot kiwis get the NZ unemployment sent her thru their bank accounts? Just wondering...
This person should not have left nz. It's hard not to laugh at obviously ignorant, uneducated people.

  • Aussie soldiers gave their lives so that Iraqis and Afghanis could vote, but at home their Government denies the same right to Kiwis? WTF??  
How anyone can draw that comparison is beyond belief....

  • we should not have to apply for PR as we are already allowed to live and work indefinitely, that's the issue, all other residents that are allowed to work and live indefinitely are allowed after a certain time to apply for citizenship, that is what this is about, not about welfare or dole or benefits but as a resident allowed to live and work indefinitely having a clear pathway to citizenship.
Oh? Why not. Your not a permanent resident. Those "other residents" have gone through the proper avenues to gain "PR". There must be a reason you could not gain "PR".

  • why cant the spotlight be on long term nz citizens being the only residents living in Australia that have no pathway to citizenship, and the fact that the scv is a temporary visa forever, the minute you mention welfare and benefits people get upset
Yes you do. The "spotlight" has been shown over the fact that you do have a "pathway" many times. You choose to ignore it as you know you will probably be rejected.

  • I think they should just give NZ citizens that were legally born in NZ rights and not the ones that got citizenship without being born in NZ they are the ones who don't deserve the rights you shouldn't abuse the citizenship of another country to come to another country and then thinking you have more rights than the actual NZ citizens
Oh really? You openly advocate discrimination amongst your own countrymen? The immigration laws in Australia do not discriminate apart from allowing kiwis more easier access to Australia than any other nationality.

  • Australia has always been a racist country
Always get abusive when things don't go the way you want and you have nothing logical to say..

  • Let kiwis work and Aussies doll bludge. They are bludgers in the work place anyway
Really? Spell "dole" correctly and maybe your believable. I've worked with many kiwis over the last 20 years and found them whining and lax. Working faster is useless if you cannot do you work properly. I spent a lot of time following up their mistakes.

  • A friend of mine becomes an Australian on Australia Day this year. She is from England and only had to wait 4yrs. Why don't we (kiwis) get that right? 
Did you ask here? She most likely applied for residency with the NECESSARY skills and qualified. You didn't for obvious reasons.

  • We are the only one who can urge them to restore the right of Kiwis in Australia.
Rights? How arrogant. Your a foreigner on a special visa. You have rights but not rights to welfare which what it seems to boil down to.

  • What makes NZ citizens ineligible for Australian citizenship or PR? Don't we have the same rights as any other immigrant from other countries?
There's a village in new zealand missing another idiot....

  • The government is stubborn and we are stubborn on our human rights too. Always be tough to your enemies! it's the war as our human right is breached!
Another village idiot. Australia has demonstrated that it has not broken any human rights to kiwis by a tribunal. Is this person advocating war and violence to the citizens of the country hosting him?

  • I have a son who can't study here ... and we can't send him back to NZ because he is under 25 and considered a dependent so can't get living allowance to study in NZ 
    He has had spinal surgery and denied any centrelink help and can't get work because of it 
    He is 20 years old what now ??
This is the result of poor planning by short sighted parents. They think nothing will ever go wrong. The poor kid is suffering from the parents ignorant choices in life. What now, she asks of the problem she created...she wants welfare and and access to public funds for her kids education. Easy, go back to nz.

More idiocy to come as they come off the ozkiwi facebook page.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Paying tax...

Tax is a universal burden wherever you go.
Tax is another rant the kiwi have used of late.
I wasn't aware of any country you go to regardless of how long you are there, makes you exempt of paying local taxes. The typical kiwi has complained of paying tax if he/she gets no benefit from it.

I'd suggest:

  • you do not drive on the road, taxes pay for creating and maintaining them. 
  • Walk on the sidewalk? No, taxes collected have paid for them as well. 
  • Don't get sick, your taxes as well as the Medicare levy have paid for public health and Medicare.
  • Plenty of kiwis in a prisons. Prisons cost a lot of taxpayers money to run. Think twice before you break the law.
  • Kiwis seem over-represented by police statistics, the State Police forces and courts are funded with taxes which are very expensive. Do not break the law.
  • Public transport? No, trains and buses are usually initially funded at most by taxpayer raised dollars.
  • Don't turn on that tap to drink or shower. Water services attract taxpayer dollars.
  • Don't flick on that light switch, the poles and lines that carry the power generated are public owned and funded by taxpayer raised dollars.
  • Don't plan those large family bbq's in public parks. Those parks are maintained by public funds. If there is a free electric bbq, please abstain from using.
Not a terrible lot left to do...

There's a lot more in life that taxes have funded. It's a poor excuse that you "pay taxes" so I should be getting xxx even though you are not entitled to it.