Friday, 17 January 2014

Interesting but ignorant observed posts...

Some samples of obviously ignorant posts seen around facebook and other sites. Names have been removed to save posters stupidity.
  • can Kiwis here apply for the NZ dole and get it here? When older Kiwis who have taken out citizenship apply for a pension here, the Australian govt forces us to apply for the NZ pension as well, so as a result we get both. Using the same scenario cannot kiwis get the NZ unemployment sent her thru their bank accounts? Just wondering...
This person should not have left nz. It's hard not to laugh at obviously ignorant, uneducated people.

  • Aussie soldiers gave their lives so that Iraqis and Afghanis could vote, but at home their Government denies the same right to Kiwis? WTF??  
How anyone can draw that comparison is beyond belief....

  • we should not have to apply for PR as we are already allowed to live and work indefinitely, that's the issue, all other residents that are allowed to work and live indefinitely are allowed after a certain time to apply for citizenship, that is what this is about, not about welfare or dole or benefits but as a resident allowed to live and work indefinitely having a clear pathway to citizenship.
Oh? Why not. Your not a permanent resident. Those "other residents" have gone through the proper avenues to gain "PR". There must be a reason you could not gain "PR".

  • why cant the spotlight be on long term nz citizens being the only residents living in Australia that have no pathway to citizenship, and the fact that the scv is a temporary visa forever, the minute you mention welfare and benefits people get upset
Yes you do. The "spotlight" has been shown over the fact that you do have a "pathway" many times. You choose to ignore it as you know you will probably be rejected.

  • I think they should just give NZ citizens that were legally born in NZ rights and not the ones that got citizenship without being born in NZ they are the ones who don't deserve the rights you shouldn't abuse the citizenship of another country to come to another country and then thinking you have more rights than the actual NZ citizens
Oh really? You openly advocate discrimination amongst your own countrymen? The immigration laws in Australia do not discriminate apart from allowing kiwis more easier access to Australia than any other nationality.

  • Australia has always been a racist country
Always get abusive when things don't go the way you want and you have nothing logical to say..

  • Let kiwis work and Aussies doll bludge. They are bludgers in the work place anyway
Really? Spell "dole" correctly and maybe your believable. I've worked with many kiwis over the last 20 years and found them whining and lax. Working faster is useless if you cannot do you work properly. I spent a lot of time following up their mistakes.

  • A friend of mine becomes an Australian on Australia Day this year. She is from England and only had to wait 4yrs. Why don't we (kiwis) get that right? 
Did you ask here? She most likely applied for residency with the NECESSARY skills and qualified. You didn't for obvious reasons.

  • We are the only one who can urge them to restore the right of Kiwis in Australia.
Rights? How arrogant. Your a foreigner on a special visa. You have rights but not rights to welfare which what it seems to boil down to.

  • What makes NZ citizens ineligible for Australian citizenship or PR? Don't we have the same rights as any other immigrant from other countries?
There's a village in new zealand missing another idiot....

  • The government is stubborn and we are stubborn on our human rights too. Always be tough to your enemies! it's the war as our human right is breached!
Another village idiot. Australia has demonstrated that it has not broken any human rights to kiwis by a tribunal. Is this person advocating war and violence to the citizens of the country hosting him?

  • I have a son who can't study here ... and we can't send him back to NZ because he is under 25 and considered a dependent so can't get living allowance to study in NZ 
    He has had spinal surgery and denied any centrelink help and can't get work because of it 
    He is 20 years old what now ??
This is the result of poor planning by short sighted parents. They think nothing will ever go wrong. The poor kid is suffering from the parents ignorant choices in life. What now, she asks of the problem she created...she wants welfare and and access to public funds for her kids education. Easy, go back to nz.

More idiocy to come as they come off the ozkiwi facebook page.

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