Thursday, 16 January 2014

Paying tax...

Tax is a universal burden wherever you go.
Tax is another rant the kiwi have used of late.
I wasn't aware of any country you go to regardless of how long you are there, makes you exempt of paying local taxes. The typical kiwi has complained of paying tax if he/she gets no benefit from it.

I'd suggest:

  • you do not drive on the road, taxes pay for creating and maintaining them. 
  • Walk on the sidewalk? No, taxes collected have paid for them as well. 
  • Don't get sick, your taxes as well as the Medicare levy have paid for public health and Medicare.
  • Plenty of kiwis in a prisons. Prisons cost a lot of taxpayers money to run. Think twice before you break the law.
  • Kiwis seem over-represented by police statistics, the State Police forces and courts are funded with taxes which are very expensive. Do not break the law.
  • Public transport? No, trains and buses are usually initially funded at most by taxpayer raised dollars.
  • Don't turn on that tap to drink or shower. Water services attract taxpayer dollars.
  • Don't flick on that light switch, the poles and lines that carry the power generated are public owned and funded by taxpayer raised dollars.
  • Don't plan those large family bbq's in public parks. Those parks are maintained by public funds. If there is a free electric bbq, please abstain from using.
Not a terrible lot left to do...

There's a lot more in life that taxes have funded. It's a poor excuse that you "pay taxes" so I should be getting xxx even though you are not entitled to it.

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