Monday, 27 January 2014

Stupid posts by stupid people.

You know what I think our nz accent is closer to British accent.... That's why Australians tease us, pure English as the royal would say lol

Oh really? You obviously haven't yourself or live in some delusion. You don't sound like any other English speaking people. Accents are broadly different. You sound far from "royal" LOL

Is so strange in my eyes theres so many immigrants here that get citizenship how's that and us kiwis are left to the curb.It's there 100 grand they pay to get in with how unfair.

They applied for permanent residency/citizenship and passed. You can apply, you just prefer not to and whine.

Any kiwi who decides to make Australia home knows they are going to have to work to survive, surely that counts in our favour. We've been here 4 months, children with their families arrived last week. Sadly, had to tell them now to go around telling everyone we are from new zealand 'just in case' because there are those who will discriminate against them because of it.

Oh god. Bring on the whole extended family. Little work prospects, mouths to feed and no money for the clapped out Tarago. She should have told them not to come. It's fair to warn those around you that you are kiwis, prepares the neighbours for the frequent "loaning" stuff.

Wrong that kiwis denied same rights as other non aussie immigrants.

This is the same blurb over and over... Are kiwis REALLY that stupid. Seriously? You can apply like any other foreigner.

And we are ineliigable to be permanent residents, therefore ineliigable for citizenship

This would make your head explode...

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