Monday, 27 January 2014

Worse reporting at it's best....

New Zealanders aren't know known for much apart from sheep jokes and an unlimited amount of people perfect for roles of peasants and hobbits. They can knotch up poor, misinforming news as well.

Let's examine it:

  • Kiwi rights for citizenship and "all it's rights remain a dream" (welfare handouts in other words).
  • Pointing some total stranger in the street and remarking "How sad he is". Did you speak to him? He just looks like some guy walking along. Most likely hoping to avoid some stupid kiwi reporter.
  • That sick child's parents complain of paying $160 for oxygen. Here's a fact for you. If a citizen or permanent resident not receiving a centrelink benefit has to pay as well. Nothing here is being discriminant toward new zealanders. They also fail to point out that they are covered by Medicare for all treatment like any other citizen. (but that wouldn't be so sensational would it).
  • Kiwis pay taxes but see no benefit from it. See previous post regarding taxes, it's getting a tired subject.
  • "Kayla" doesn't sound Aussie to me. Most students I've known have to work jobs as well as go to uni. Did her parents think of their childs life due to their ignorant actions of going to another country?
  • Something doesn't add up with her story. She was only in new zealand for her first 5 years, then states "what she's built up in the last 8 years". She hardly 13 years old and has kids. To apply for midwifery study, she'd already would have to be a Registered Nurse. Where did she train for that? Her "story" doesn't add up.
  • Kiwis cannot work for the ADF. The "other" nationalities that they complain about that can work have applied and gained permanent residency. The main fact that is always omitted in these farcical stories. Kiwis have to apply like anyone else. Thre is a "pathway" to citizenship, they prefer to ignore it knowing most would be rejected.
  • The dumb blonde presenter sums up the biggest pice of rubbish toward the end. "It's all about facts".

Had to add a post that I thought was gold..

Amy Hill Great story TV One!!! I think, one of the best I have seen that portrays the situation right on the button. No elaborate fabrications - dont see a lot of factual unsensationalised reporting these days do we. And again, great work Oz Kiwi in doing such an awesome job.

This should have been the lead post for "Stupid post from stupid people"

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