Tuesday, 21 January 2014

All "high'n mighty"..

 It is not right to condem or kick some one down when they fall on hardship. So to my fellow kiwi's in NZ who make negative comments, keep them to yourselves we don't need your high'n mighty opinions. We have made Oz our home and eventually NZers will win

You chose to make your nest in another persons tree. Cuckoos do the same. No matter how loud you bang on about your ignorant, uneducated choices in life, you pay the price.
The problem with these individuals is that residing here always boils down to the fact of "benefits" when enduring hardship. AKA: Government handouts. You chose to come with no plan for what to do during hard times. One way airfares to Auckland are not expensive. (Actually, some charities have provided the airfare back to nz for these people. Money that could be spent on poor Australian families.)

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