Saturday, 18 January 2014

The proverbial fool...

When we made the move over in 07 we knew that there would be no back up if anything happened and we accepted that, what we didn't know is that our children would be penalised if they wanted to go onto uni or do a trade, if you don't have the fees up front they don't go, we were lucky that we could pull together the money over the last four years, as I work in education what breaks my heart is young kiwis studying really hard and finding out they can't go as their families can't afford it. It's not fair, we did make the choice to come here and we work hard to make a better life for our family, including expanding our family with Australian daughters and yet we are still are treated like second class citizens, no not citizens they can vote and be included not us.

Funny that. This is what ill planned, ignorant parents do. No, it isn't fair as she said. Not fair at all for her kids that can't get tertiary education due to their stuff ups. Free education for you in nz. Is your primary purpose to "mix with Australian daughters" to gain some access to benefits?

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