Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hijacking a national day..

If no ones listening to you, hijack an event.

While thousands of new citizens make their pledge to Australia after successfully gaining Australian residency, the unqualified will have a mock "citizenship ceremony".
This kind of sympathetic magic is the reserve of the spoilt brat exhibited in poor taste. "If I can't have it, I'll make my own". Maybe someone will take notice of me. Infestation of another country does not qualify you what you want. 
You can't show up at a movie screening without a ticket.

"Yep, it's scary but we need to let the whole of Australia know that we are serious about campaigning for a fairer pathway to Australian Citizenship."

You do have  a "fair" pathway to Australian citizenship. You just don't meet the criteria and choose to ignore that. "Campaigning" to get an unfair edge over other foreigners is not fair to them. Kiwis are the ones who WANT discrimination against other foreigners.

What don't these people understand is that you are not being discriminated against? You just don't meet the desirable qualification.

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