Friday, 17 January 2014

In the beginning, there were demanding new zealanders...

Prior to 2001 in Australia, new zealanders could access just about anything in Australia. Our government at the time could see the writing on the wall so had the foresight to limit these individuals. They introduced a special visa to these foreign nationals, allowing an enviable amount of access to living and working permanently however prudently limiting access to welfare. This removed also a discrimination to other foreigners wanting to reside here. They must apply for a permanent residency visa in line with regular immigration procedure as ANY OTHER FOREIGNER has to go through. Further they can apply for citizenship.

This announcement by both the Australian and nz governments were widely broadcast in the media. There was a large rush to get to Australia before the "cut off" date. Followed by the usual constant plane loads of regular kiwi arrivals seemingly ignorant of any change. Immigration, Social Security laws are (as usual) redefined as time fits. Governments have to watch their spending on who receives it.

In the last few years, these kiwis that stumbled into Australia without much thought of their future in another country where they are not citizens or have permanent residency have started ranting how hard done by they are.

Particularly loud is a group called Oz Kiwi. Loudly they protest how hundreds of thousands of their countrymen are being duped out of government services. What these characters don't understand is they are essentially foreigners demanding a country they have entered into and demanding that it bend to their whim. They want a "fair go"..  I wonder what the USA would say if Mexicans demanded the same. Go jump the border?

Then there's the last clutching of straws.... The Anzac spirit. Pretty low to invoke the dead soldiers who fought for either country. I believe it was some kiwi commentator that denigrated the hard work of Australian soldiers of wars past..

Websites are littered with sob stories of:

  • I came in (usually a post 2001 date) and my hubby lost his job and can't get help....
  • I came in (post 2001 date) and my kid who lived more than half his life here has XX medical problems and can't get (whatever benefit is demanded).
  • I can't get citizenship because there is no pathway.
  • My kid cannot go to university because we cannot get student loans.
  • Permanent residency is too hard and expensive to get.
There are some easy answers to these problems.

There is a pathway to permanent residency. The same as any other foreigner has to go through. The problem is, most kiwis don't fulfil the criteria. Lack of skill or age. Tough luck, any other person from another country gets knocked back.
No kid should suffer the consequences of their parents ill thought lack of plans. Medicare is provided to them. It may surprise that the citizen has to pay for things as well. Diabetic strips, medication, ancillary equipment related to medical conditions. Carer benefit is is not available to kiwis. Has not for since 2001.
There are some limited income protection if you are injured but rarely there is income if you "just lost your job". Food for thought.

The  there's just the ignorant rant. I'm a kiwi, we're cuz's...have some sympathy. I didn't know I couldn't get xxx.... Ignorance is no excuse of immigration and social security laws.