Friday, 24 January 2014

Meanwhile in deluded land....A bridge too far...

Next pathetic attempt is "Mateship".

I'm not too sure what they're talking about.... as in the "Anzac" tradition?

If all fails..."but aren't we friends?" Drag up the souls of long deceased soldiers for their own twisted means...

What an insult to their memory.

We all know the typical serial pest at some time of our lives. Every neighbourhood has one that moves in . First it's a cup of sugar, then milk, then cigs,  then Bro, you gotta few bucks?

Kiwis are not my mates, nor the mates of anyone I know. Saying your a mate isn't an excuse to JUST GET WHAT YOU WANT. It's called USING people.

Most logical post to this observed: Na mate, ur dreamin

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