Saturday, 1 February 2014

Someone with a decent view.

Whirlpool forums:

I think at the end of the day. This Crusade that groups like OzKiwi are championing are going to go the way of the Maua.
The majority of these people are those who this agreement was supposed to target. Unskilled middle class people that are allowed to come here and make money but are not allowed to get benefits.
They are essentially complaining that they can come here without restriction and work without restriction but don't have a lot of the rights as citizens.
I think the biggest issue is the inconsistency and ambiguity of the Australian government explaining to New Zealanders coming in on the SCV what they are, and this should be done before they board a plane.
Thus I think alot of the frustration stems from an incorrection assumption of what their status really is.
Quite frankly, those who have built up a life here in Australia and subsequently suffered something very unfortunate in their personal circumstances should have known the potential risk and what they wouldn't be entitled too before they board a plan.
There also needs to be solutions for the social ramifications that this visa creates. I find it fair that Kiwis pay tax even if they can't reap the full benefits of our infrastructure. Though there should be an insurance scheme in place that fills the gap of welfare for limited amounts that is specifically targets special condition visas. This should be mandatory or at least encouraged.
There should also be more conditions on the visa. A formal application that includes educating prospective entrants on what their visa is going to entitle them too.
History aside, I think that New Zealanders should not be able to come in to Australia and access the welfare system. The current scheme works excellently by keeping the labour market competitive and not burdening the government with potential welfare cases.
Above all else though, I believe welfare is strangling this country. I don't think NZers are entitled to it like I think half of those on it now aren't entitled to it. It won't get better if we open up the system to another 650,000 potential claimants.

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